About us

BBQ Collective is an independent American barbecue caterer applying traditional methods that come straight from the pits of the barbecue belt. All of BBQ Collective’s meaty delights are smoked low and slow on burning aged American hickory and local British oak and apple wood.

BBQ Collective started up in London back in August 2014 and took up residency at The Hop Sheffield from August 2015 to December 2016 serving hearty portions of its barbecue smoked Jacobs Ladder beef ribs, pork spare ribs, Texas Hot Links, buttermilk fried chicken, and other Southern classics. During its residency at The Hop Sheffield, a "BBQ & Brewers Night" series (BBQ and beer pairing) was conceived which led to successful collaboration with some of the best independent local breweries namely Abbeydale Brewery, Thornbridge Brewery, Lost Industry Brewing, Exit 33 Brewing, and North Union Brewing Co as well as beer specialist Jules Gray of the Hop Hideout.

We have relocated to Minneapolis, the hometown of its Co-founder and Pitmaster Jeffrey Wright, and will be announcing plans for 2017 so watch this space ...

About the Pitmaster

The BBQ Collective Executive Chef and Pitmaster Jeffrey Wright
The BBQ Collective Executive Chef and Pitmaster Jeffrey Wright
Our Executive Chef and Pitmaster, Jeffrey started working in kitchens in his hometown Minneapolis at the ripe young age of 14, developing his culinary skills and his love for barbecue over the next 10 years in the hospitality industry. He took a “little” detour (25 years) into the investment banking and consulting world. Despite the detour, his passion for seeking out the best and perfecting his own barbecue never waned. Call it a pre-mid life crisis when banking inflicted more pain than pleasure, Jeffrey came to his senses to return to his true passion – good ol’ American barbecue.

The summer of 2014 marked a new chapter as Jeffrey and his partner embarked on a tour of the American “BBQ trail” through North Carolina, Tennessee and Kansas City. Not only did they indulge in some of the most respected barbecue establishments in the country, they were also privileged to be invited back into the pits and kitchens to see how and why these reputed establishments do it so well. What became evident throughout the tour was the sheer passion shown by the pitmasters and proprietors of places like Wilber’s, Lexington BBQ, Interstate and Oklahoma Joe’s and their enthusiasm to share their knowledge, experience and history of how they got to where they are now. It truly embodied this sense of community with a collective passion for delivering their own view of what makes great American barbecue. Thus the BBQ Collective was born.