Thursday, 15 September 2016

Brewers Night with Hop Hideout

Jules Grey of Hop Hideout and Pitmaster Jeffrey Wright of BBQ Collective
Tasting session with Jules Gray of Hop Hideout
Once again, we find ourselves searching for the next great beer and BBQ pairing. Not that there is any shortage of amazing breweries within a 20 mile radius of Sheffield city centre, but these things are not as easy as they sound.  In the little spare time we have, we search high and low for the right partner who brings a like-minded spirit to our events.  So it was perhaps fate (or destiny) that Jules of the Hop Hideout was present at our last pairing event with North Union Brewing Company, and we quickly took a shine to one another.  We knew we wanted to do an event with Jules but couldn’t believe our luck that it would happen on this very instalment of our Brewers Night series.