Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Brewers Night with Exit 33 Brewing Recap

Guests seated at the Brewers Table
BBQ and Brewers Night with Exit 33 Brewing, brewers table
It’s never easy writing a recap of our BBQ and Brewers Dinners without being too reflective or self-critical. Did we accomplish what we set out to achieve?  Did the food pair well enough with the beers?  Did the food stand up well enough on its own? OMG, WHAT HAVE WE DONE????

This event with Exit 33 Brewing really was a big challenge for us as we stepped away from our comfort zone by developing a bespoke 5-course pairing menu (see below) that we thought would best match the beautiful beers that Pete Roberts produces.  We dabbled in things like smoked and dried baby roma tomatoes, devilled eggs, smoked rainbow trout and pickled watermelon…all in the first course!  And we finished with a chilli pineapple carpaccio with smoked banana ice cream.  From where I was standing (in the kitchen, naturally) I saw a lot of smiling faces, heard some very nice feedback, and few full bellies being rubbed.  Me thinks we done good.

And obviously Pete is doing something right at Exit 33 Brewing – his beers were a huge hit that night.  It is no wonder that he has been travelling the nation tirelessly, delivering his beautiful creations, yet thankfully was able to make the long journey back to Sheffield for the event.  And we could not be more grateful – we feel it really is important for our guests to hear about the journey we all went on to create this event and we simply could not have done it without Pete.  So a BIG shout out to you, your team and your amazing beers!

Tickets to our BBQ and Brewers Night are a friendly £25 per head. Advance booking and payment only. Contact us for bookings or call us on 0114 278 1000.

Whole Smoked Pork Shoulder, served tableside with Fennel Braised Cabbage and Wilber’s North Carolina Sauce
Smoked Pork Shoulder with Fennel Braised Cabbage


Smoked Trout, served with Watercress, Smoked Baby Roma Tomatoes, Pickled Watermelon and Devilled Egg, paired with Blonde (ABV 4.0%)

Tori Karaage – Japanese Fried Chicken with Japanese BBQ Mayo Sauce, paired with Ginger Daze (ABV 3.8%)

Whole Smoked Pork Shoulder, served tableside with Fennel Braised Cabbage and Wilber’s North Carolina Sauce, paired with New England Best (ABV 4.2%)

Beef Short Rib, served with Smoked BBQ Beef Jus, Pickled Red Chillis and Cheddar Cheese Corn Bread, paired with Stout (ABV 5.0%)

Smoked Summer Fruits with Vanilla Ice Cream, paired with Mosaic (ABC 4.1%)


Exit 33 Brewing are a small, independent brewery. For us it’s all about the journey, the discovery, and our attitude to crafting beer that suits some and challenges others. We brew uncompromised beer.  Our beer is hand-made locally in small batches using quality natural ingredients, and is served unfiltered and unpasteurised.

The flavour of our beer originates from traditional brewing ingredients and the skill, care and attention we take. Everything we do is to enhance the flavour and quality of the beer styles we brew. As a small brewery with no shareholders to answer to, we are free to interpret historic styles with unique twists and sometimes even develop new hybrid styles. All our beers are made with traditional ingredients, malted barley, hops, yeast and Yorkshire water. That’s it, beer with nothing taken out.

We’re enjoying the journey and hope you can join us for part of the way, or at least a pint or two.

Visit Exit 33 Brewing's website for more information.

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