Thursday, 12 May 2016

BBQ and Brewers Night with Lost Industry Brewing


Each month we team up with one of the best brewery in the region to feature their selection of beers to pair with our carefully crafted menu of smoked meat.  The brewer themselves will be joining in to talk about their story and their beer.  Our Pitmaster Jeffrey Wright will chime in to discuss which beer pairs well with which food and look to dispel some myths about food and drink pairings.  For any beer and/or barbecue enthusiasts, we want to hear your thoughts too. And, of course, we will drink and eat lots of beer and barbecue.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Brisket Weekend 21-22 May


We're bringing brisket back! Join us for our Brisket Weekend this 21-22 May.

The Texas Platter
The Texas Platter
THE TEXAS PLATTER – a generous portion of smoked USDA beef brisket, a Texas Hot Link sausage, homemade pickles and a side of your choice - £18

THE BIG TEXAN SANDWICH – USDA beef brisket, sliced Texas Hot Link sausage, pickled red onions and our Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce; with homemade pickles and a side of your choice - £12

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Brewers Night Recap: Abbeydale and Thornbridge Brewery

Smoked Salmon Paté paired with Rhubarbe de Saison beer from Thornbridge Brewery
Brewers Night with Thornbridge Brewery
In our last post we shared how excited we were to launch our BBQ and Brewers Night Series – a fun opportunity to showcase not only our authentic American BBQ but also just how well it can pair with the dizzying selection of fantastic beers being brewed in and around Sheffield. We thought, heck, this should be pretty simple – visit a brewery, sample a bunch of beers and find five to match with our favourite smoked meats.  Job done.  Uh, no, the process was nowhere near that simple.  The arduous process of tasting and re-tasting was so iterative we were unsure if a repertoire the size of Abbeydale or Thornbridge Brewery was vast enough to match the dishes we thought we wanted to serve.  Yeah, I know how ridiculous that sounds.

As a chef, there are so many exciting elements in a process like this.  We first look to find flavours in beers that enhance, balance and flatter the flavours that we know in our food.  Then, unexpectedly, we taste something that just grabs us - WTF was that?  Can we do something with this? Should we?  Hell yeah, we have to! And that really changed the game for us – forcing us to push our own boundaries and create bespoke dishes to match these amazing finds.