Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Brisket Weekend 21-22 May


We're bringing brisket back! Join us for our Brisket Weekend this 21-22 May.

The Texas Platter
The Texas Platter
THE TEXAS PLATTER – a generous portion of smoked USDA beef brisket, a Texas Hot Link sausage, homemade pickles and a side of your choice - £18

THE BIG TEXAN SANDWICH – USDA beef brisket, sliced Texas Hot Link sausage, pickled red onions and our Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce; with homemade pickles and a side of your choice - £12

Brisket.  No single word in the BBQ world causes so much elation amongst food lovers and agony amongst pit masters.  It can be luscious and fatty and smoky and moist.  And it can be dry and unpredictable and it always, ALWAYS takes forever to cook.

There are a lot of shortcuts out there people take to deliver brisket faster or easier, but we only know one way: use the best quality USDA brisket, liberally season with sea salt and black pepper, smoke with the highest quality logs from our friend James (the wood whisperer) of Smokewood Shack, in my beloved Ole Hickory Pit.And wait.  And prod.  And tend to the fire.  And repeat, all night long.  And at some point, between 14 and 18 hours later, something magical happens:  the brisket reaches that point where it is soft and tender and it wiggles and jiggles.  It is ready. Exactly how long does it take?  There is no way to tell  as they say, “brisket is done when it’s done.”

We are smoking a limited amount of briskets each day, and when it is gone it is gone.  So book your table now!

To book your table, contact us or call 0114 278 1000.

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