Saturday, 20 September 2014

Brisketfest 2014 at Camden Town Brewery

Brisketfest 2014 flyer
Brisketfest 2014 at Camden Town Brewery
God Bless Texas Joe. Not only does he have the balls to be Texas Joe, and all that stands for, he also conceptualised and pulled off a brilliant event at Camden Town Brewery – Brisketfest 2014. Joe brought together eight chefs to produce their version of beef brisket and most of them did a great job.

I must admit, after six full servings I was again hitting the wall and struggled to finish them all. In fact, I did not as Miss P’s sold out by the time we arrived. So here is a review of the ones that stood out:

Prairie Fire BBQ

An American ex-banker (like myself) who would rather make beautiful BBQ than bang his head against a wall all day. His offering was old school Texas BBQ: beautiful brisket on white bread with two sauces, two different pickles and some burnt ends for good measure. We folded the whole thing up into a makeshift sandwich and dug in. It was perfectly balanced, no rough edges yet everything was flavourful and distinct. We all really enjoyed this.