Saturday, 6 September 2014

Cooking with a Michelin-star chef

Our dear friends Louise France and Richard Neat, who run Park Café Antiques and Restaurant, were in town from Costa Rica and so we thought, when a Michelin-starred chef is in town, lets get together and cook! And cook we did.

Richard prepared a beautiful first course of sautéed prawns and scallops with artichokes, trompettes and chanterelles. Paired with a couple bottles of vintage Chablis, it was delightful: light and flavourful, it tasted of the land and sea in the same dish yet perfectly balanced and executed.

We of course used the opportunity to fire up the smoker and offered beef short rib (smoked 8 hours) with a Guajillo chili sauce, which went down smoothly with our Street Feast find, 2010 Catena Cabernet France from Street Vin. As you know by now, we like to diversify the menu a bit as smoked meat does not always equate with American barbecue and perhaps vice versa. This Mexican chili sauce is blended with my beef and vegetable stock (bones courtesy of The Ginger Pig), which becomes a rich, mild sauce that marries perfectly with paprika-heavy beef rub I like.

All in all, it was an evening of great company, copious amount of wine, an excellent meal and smiles all around.