Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wilber’s Barbeque

Pork and fried chicken combo at Wilber's Barbeque
For some reason our GPS did not find the exact address for Wilber’s Barbeque. Given how popular the place is, I was a bit surprised; I was even more surprised when we pulled into the parking lot as, not surprisingly, it was packed. Wilber’s is right off the highway, identified with a simple red non-descript sign saying "Wilber’s Barbeque”. As were about to find it, "Wilber" was all that sign needed to say.

Inside, we sat near the front door, take away counter and the two cashier lines. Directly behind me was a large pan of fried chicken ready to be collected; I have not yet had fried chicken my extremely clogged heart started to pump a little harder.