Tuesday, 15 July 2014

BBQ Trail: And so it begins

The Old Hickory House Bar-B-Q restaurant
We at the BBQ Collective are setting out on a two-week tour of the BBQ trail in the US. Why? Because we love barbecue. Because we hate working for the man. Because we want to expand membership in the Collective. Because we want to bring to the UK better barbecue. Because we in the Collective think we can do it better!

So we are hitting the road, starting in North Carolina and winding our way to Kansas City to visit the barbecue meccas, talk to as many barbecue masters who will meet with us, learn as much as we can comprehend and eat as much as our bodies will take. A tall order no doubt, but nothing that the Collective and our merry band of travelers (and a few vegetarians) can’t tackle. The BBQ Collective 2014 Tour begins!

First stop: The Old Hickory House BBQ in Charlotte, North Carolina.