Friday, 5 September 2014

Street Feast at Dalston Yard

St Louis ribs from the Smokestak
St Louis ribs from the Smokestak
This weekend is shaping up to be a full BBQ weekend! Starting tonight at the Street Feast Dalston Yard weekend market before they shut down for the year at the end of September. Oddly enough, I did not bring much of an appetite; then again I was only really here to try some food at SmokeStak.

For those of you who don’t know SmokeStak, they have developed a very nice business model that we at the BBQ Collective firmly agree with: a small, focused menu in a mobile environment whilst sparing no cost on execution, as evidenced by the David Klose smoker and high quality meats.
On a previous occasion I tried their beef short ribs and they were very nice:  a simple Texas-style salt and pepper rub, a very nice smoke ring and a bark that is not too thick. Clearly they have a handle on managing both smoke and temperature. Which is why I was surprised at the lack of flavour in their pork ribs. Like me, they favour the full belly on the rib and finish on the grill with sauce. However, I found the salt and pepper rub a bit lacking and found almost no smoke flavour at all. Now, given that they were at both Bestival during the week and prepping for Meatopia over the weekend, it is possible that there were a bit stretched. Indeed, their booth at Street Feast looked a bit lonely without that massive smoker. Regardless, they offer two very large and incredibly tender pork ribs for 7 quid, which is excellent value.
Busan BBQ food truck
Busan BBQ

I was really excited to try the Korean Fried Chicken at Busan BBQ. Turns out I was not the only one as they were sold out by the time I had worked up an appetite after those pork ribs. As I had a hankering for something bun related, we went for the Korean pork belly sandwich with Gochujang sauce and slaw. This was quite a fun sandwich. The pork belly was cut into little matchsticks yet still very tender and moist. The sauce was perfect – not too much, not to sweet, not too hot. I really enjoyed this and quickly forgave them for not keeping some fried chicken for me!

Overall, Street Feast is a brilliant concept and clearly doing well. Food stalls seem to have some free reign over their “booths” as some were very creative and looked semi-permanent (I mean YOU B.O.B.’s Lobster!). Speaking of which, B.O.B.’s Lobster is directly adjacent to SmokeStak and given Wifey’s penchant for all things pescatorian, she was off and running to queue at B.O.B.’s whilst I waited for my ribs. When we caught up, she was perched at a table, glass of Prosecco in hand and awaiting her order: 1 mini Crab Roll and 1 mini Lobster Roll … “when in doubt, order both,” she said.

B.O.B.'s mini Lobster and Crab Rolls
B.O.B.'s mini Lobster and Crab Rolls
Here's Wifey's take on the B.O.B.'s mini Lobster and Crab Rolls: the lightly toasted brioche bun was nice and packed with generous amount of fresh lobster and crabmeat in each roll. Both had subtle flavours with their homemade mayo and a little drizzle of lemon to add a little kick, although the Wifey being Asian, would have preferred a little bit of heat.

For more photos from Street Feast Dalston Yard, visit our Facebook album.

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