Friday, 25 July 2014

The Bar-B-Q Shop

The Bar-B-Q Shop, Memphis
The Bar-B-Q Shop, Memphis
You will have to excuse me but I might get emotional here. We had just left a tour of the famed Sun Studios and I was overcome with excitement at what I had just witnessed and heard. Sun Studios is a tiny space that created musical history amongst some of the greatest artists of our time – at times, all of them at once: Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins held a late night jam session in December of 1956, which was recorded and available for purchase.

So upon arrival at the BBQ Shop, a top-rated stop and one that I really had high hopes for, I was ready. And for the most part, it really delivered.

BBQ pork ribs and sides at The Bar-B-Q Shop
BBQ pork ribs and sides at The Bar-B-Q Shop
Their dry-rubbed pork ribs were exactly as I like to make them: well seasoned, a thick bark, a bit dry on the short end yet still moist and smoky. This really was the rack of Memphis ribs I was looking for. The two sauces available on the table were certainly unique. The base sauce had a yellow/orange colour to it, which led me to believe this would be the hot sauce. It was not. The dark brown sauce was a real scorcher; yet held up nicely to the richness of the rub and the smoke. This might not fly in the UK but certainly holds up well in Memphis.

The baked beans were fine if not a bit too sweet for my taste. The slaw seemed to be using celery seed or something, as there was a grassy flavour that I could not pinpoint. Wifey does not like a harsh “green” flavour but she sure loved my Texas Toast. Wifey’s salad with blue cheese dressing was so damn good that I was pining for that over the next eight hours in our drive to Kansas City. And I found it – at the Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar about one block from our hotel in Kansas City. Dreams do come true.

Again, the pattern emerged with respect to smokers (Old Hickory), cut of rib and smoking time. They did mix it up a bit with a mix of oak, hickory and two other woods. All in all, a fine way to leave Memphis in what have been the most satisfying ribs to date.

1782 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN
Phone: (901) 272 1277

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