Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pearl’s Oyster Bar

Pearl’s Oyster Bar
Pearl’s Oyster Bar
Having had a late lunch at The BBQ Shop, and belching the whole way from Nashville to Memphis, my body was not yet ready for another barbecue meal. And that has been the struggle. If I can't have lunch at an early hour, having a barbecue dinner is almost out of the question. It was easier in the Carolinas because you could get away with a small barbecue sandwich. But in Tennessee, I am on the hunt for ribs. And ribs only come in platters, which means at least half a rack, several sides and a gallon of iced tea. Getting that in twice a day without at least six hours in-between is a real struggle.

Pearl’s Oyster Bar awakened us to the fact that Memphis is much more a “Southern” city than Nashville. Things move a bit slower. The food has more soul, the music as more grit to it. Things are a bit messier here. Well, ok, not at Graceland, but certainly in downtown Memphis.
Pearl’s has a nice blend of southern and seafood dishes. Wifey started with a very nice shrimp and crawfish etoufee. I started with six oysters, roasted three ways: hot BBQ, Rockefeller, and jalapenos and cheese.  None of them a refined approach to roasted oysters, but each very nice.

Next up:  three small crab cakes with a very nice remoulade. Simple, crabby and a clear Old Bay essence. Three for $10?  Hello!

Finally, wifey and I both had the steamed snow crab legs, served with four cups of melted butter for our dipping pleasure. Each portion was ample and the crab nice and sweet, just as you would expect. They were a bit overcooked and cold by the time they got to our table, which the staff apologized for profusely. We chalked this up to us being the last table of the night – these things happen.

Pearl’s is a gem of a place. A bit down and dirty, a nice menu and fresh seafood. If you are in Memphis, leave the trappings of Beale Street and head a few blocks away to where the locals eat.

299 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: (901) 522 9070

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