Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lexington Barbecue

Lexington BBQ course chopped pork sandwich
Ok, kids, this is the real deal. Lexington-style barbeque was created here in 1962 and the Monk family is still kicking it old school. Lexington Barbeque is still at the top of the list for a few simple reasons: they keep it simple, they keep it consistent, and they love what they do.

The Food

The course-chopped pork with BBQ slaw on commercial bun was simply sublime. A few drops of their vinegar sauce weren’t really needed but certainly did not detract. It was compact, not overbearing and about $4.00.

Jeffrey Wright of the BBQ Collective with Rick Monk, owner of Lexington BBQ
With Rick Monk, owner of Lexington BBQ
Wifey had a simple fried fish sandwich with the same bun, slaw and sauce. Same price, same level of satisfaction. The slaw was the local “BBQ slaw”, which really is simply cabbage shredded in a processor and mixed with their local vinegar sauce. On it’s own, not as exciting and phenomenal as the night before at The Old Hickory House. But as a condiment to the BBQ sandwich (and the fried fish sandwich Wifey had) it was perfect.

Their homemade sauce was a classic vinegar and pepper sauce, similar to homemade Tabasco. They seem to add a little ketchup but it was minimal. But, damn, those hush puppies were da bomb. I mean perfect. Extremely crisp and extremely moist. 20 were gone in five minutes. Must....get...recipe...

The Pit

Lexington BBQ Pit master Robbie Hunt
Rick Monk, the son of the founder Wayne Monk, was kind enough to give us access to the pit and speak with Robbie Hunt, the Pit Master. Robbie has been at Lexington for 21 years and, before, several years at the Barbecue Center. The pit has taken several incarnations over the years and currently runs a massive four-pit brick smoker with hickory and oak. Robbie was kind enough to share a few tricks and overall the whole pit operation.

Robbie continues Monk's technique of cooking only pork shoulders for roughly 10 hours and runs the pit on equal portions of hickory and oak. Hickory has a thick bark, enabling it to burn very hot, thus the addition of oak, which burns cooler. He clearly loves what he does – I certainly am a fan. He served me a nice slice off of the pit and it was delicious.

Lexington Barbeque
100 Smokehouse Lane
Lexington, NC 27295
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am–9:30pm (closed on Sundays)
Phone: (336) 249-9814

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