Sunday, 27 July 2014

Arthur Bryant’s

Outside Arthur Bryant’s, Kansas City
Arthur Bryant’s, Kansas City
Everyone in the barbecue world knows about Arthur Bryant’s – it is legendary. Arthur Bryant’s is known really for their beef and pork ribs and we promised the Minneapolis brood that we would bring up a carload so we stopped by for a large takeaway on our way out of Kansas City.

We met a few folks on the 30-minute queue (at 11:30 am on a hot, sunny, summer Sunday morning). We discussed the clear divide between Arthur Bryant’s and Gates Bar-B-Q, the merits of L C’s Bar-B-Q, beef versus pork and how Arthur Bryant’s sauce is an “acquired taste”. More on this later.

And from what I was seeing coming out of the kitchen, everything looked excellent: massive pulled pork BBQ sandwiches (I nicked a pinch from someone’s plate – it was excellent), large slabs of dry ribs, brilliant looking brisket sandwiches and burnt ends. We decided that slabs of pork ribs and burnt ends would travel best. And a bottle of sauce to go.

We did not eat the food until the following day and when we did we were all pretty disappointed. Now, as a disclaimer, I am quite sure that what we did eat would have been much better had we eaten straight from the pit at Arthur Bryant’s.  Though we did reheat the ribs very slowly at a very low temperature, they were just ok – a light rub with a little smoke flavour. Perfectly fine. The burnt ends were coated in sauce at Arthur Bryant’s so by the time we ate them, they had disintegrated into a high-end Sloppy Joe meat. Had we stayed another 30 minutes and eaten a brisket sandwich, we would have been pretty happy.

1727 Brooklyn Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127
Phone: (816) 231 1123

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